Hydrogen Safety Ecosystem

AIGA, CGA & JIMGA along with EIGA in lead role have developed a pictorial/ graphic overview (chart) of the complete hydrogen ecosystem; existing and future. The scope covers production, storage, transport and use of hydrogen in the fuel cell electric vehicle industry and clean energy. This has been launched via website https://www.h2safety.info/ in June 2022 and is primarily focused for communication and creating awareness among external stake holders (Regulators, Govt. Authorities, Users, 3rd party agencies etc.) and to demonstrate ‘thought leadership’ of Industrial Gases Industry, engaged in safe production and distribution of H2 over last many decades. The platform would help user to learn about the safety/technical standards that have already been developed with regard to H2. AIGA encourages all to view the H2 Ecosystem Website. For more information visit www.h2safety.info